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Tips For Cutting Your Baby's Nails

Apr 27, 2018

The best time to cut your nails is when he's asleep. Another good opportunity is when the baby's nails are the softest.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the light is very good when you cut his nails. Next, choose scissors or nail scissors specially designed for infants. There are justKeep your hands firmly on the baby's hands and don't let them move.

Cut your fingernails along the curve while cutting your toenails straight. The last step is to smooth the rough edges of the nails with the nail sand file.


The doctor's advice is to use a nail sand file during the first few weeks of the baby's birth because the baby's nails are real.

Very soft. Also, you have no experience of being a mom and dad, and it's easy to accidentally injure your baby's skin.

If you decide to help her finish the job while she's awake, ask another partner or friend to help him hold the baby's hand.

Keep your baby's hands from waving casually while you're working. Or let him grab the baby's attention so you can hold the baby's hand firmly.

He cut his nails.

Some parents cut their baby's fingers in the shape of their mouth, but it's easier to do so if you bite your baby's finger.

Bacteria bring babies. And you can't see how well you're doing. You might even notice that compared to your teeth,

The baby's nails are not too small.