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Tips For Cutting Your Baby's Nails

Apr 27, 2018

Baby nails grow at an average rate of about 0.7mm per week, and their fingers are smaller, so they grow at that rate.

The nails will soon exceed the fingertips. It is recommended to trim 2-3 times a week. While the growth of the feet is slow to hide, usually a month pruned 1-2 times.

Tips for cutting nails.

Newborns' nails grow particularly fast, with 1-2 months of baby nails growing at a rate of 0.1 millimetre a day, if not cut in time.

Too long fingernails, can hide dirt, also may cause infection by scratching the skin.

However, to cut your baby's nails, the baby will not cooperate, and the mother should have some tips:

1. The baby is lying in bed, the mother kneels on the side of the baby, and then supports the arm on the thigh, so as to stabilize the hand.

2. Hold the baby's hand and try to separate the baby's fingers.

3. Newborns like to use their hands to grasp the face or other parts of the body, to cut the nails into circular shape, not tip, after cutting.

Check to see if there is a corner or spike on the nail. Mom can use her thumb belly to touch the smooth part.

4. Apply blunt, curved scissors or nail scissors to the newborn.

5. The time to trim your nails is best when the baby is not moving, or when the baby is asleep, or when the baby is asleep.

6. If there is dirt under the nail, do not wash it with a file tip or other sharp object, and wash it with water after the nails are cut, in case it is felt.


7. If you accidentally hurt your finger, you should use sterile gauze or cotton ball to compress the wound as soon as possible, and then apply some iodine disinfection or disinfection ointment.

It's best to cut two or three times a week, and remember to trim your toenails.

9. Don't cut your nails too short, because the child will feel pain, or wear the skin during the activity.

Don't cut your baby's nails when he's having a good time.

It is usually not recommended to have a child cut a nail within one month, which is to say, after the nail is fully formed. Unless the child is scratching around or getting nails.

It takes a long, long tear to cut the nail.