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The Big Mistake Of Baby Nail Care

Apr 27, 2018

Everyone knows that nails are the most vulnerable, especially when newborn babies have a fast metabolism and nails grow quickly, but the baby's skin.

The skin is very young. So, be sure to take care of your baby's nails so that they don't scratch themselves or others. Of course

The heart hurt the baby's own heartache.

Here jia jia gives everybody to say what harm is there?

Nails are easy to hide.

The baby's fingernails are easy to hide, such as dirt, dirt, viruses and germs, and the baby likes to put his hands in his mouth.

Sucking, so the bacteria are more likely to be brought into the mouth, invading the baby's body and causing the baby to get sick. Regular care treasure

Bao's fingernails can effectively avoid the remaining bacteria in the baby's fingernails and prevent the bacteria from harming the baby's health.

Nails are easy to break.

In fact, the baby's nails are very soft, which is very easy to tear. Once you encounter a hard object, it will crack, which is easy.

Nail the baby's nails. Therefore, for the safety of the baby's nails, parents should always help the baby to nurse the nails.