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Nursing Of Newborn Nails

Apr 27, 2018

Newborns' nails grow especially fast, with 1-2 months of baby nails growing at a rate of 0.1 millimetre a day, if the fingernails are not in time.

Cut short, fingernails can hide dirt, also may cause infection by scratching the skin. So mom and dad should pay more attention to baby's tiny hands, when they are born.

When the nails are long, be sure to cut them, because they are easy to hide and dirty and become the source of a variety of diseases. Long nails are also easily broken and even injured.

My fingers. If a newborn feels itchy or other discomfort, it can be caught by hand, and if the nails are long, it is easy to catch yourself.

Tender skin.

So, get in the habit of cutting your baby's nails regularly, which is one way to keep your baby's skin clean, and to help prevent "disease from entering the mouth"

. But parents should be careful when they cut their nails so they don't cut them, and they should be careful not to cut them too short because the child will feel it.

Wear and tear on the skin during pain or activity. In short, in addition to helping the baby clean, but also gently, don't let the baby suffer unnecessarily.