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Introduction Of Infant Safety Food. Vegetables Are Safe For Infants.

Apr 27, 2018

 Vegetables are rich in dietary fiber, and the human body needs many nutrients to be supplemented by vegetables, as well as for baby vegetables.

Many of the following are introduced to your parents for your baby's healthy vegetables. Corn is a calcium-rich vegetable that contains nearly 300 milligrams of corn per 100 grams.

Grams of calcium, almost as much as dairy products. In addition to calcium-rich foods, eating more corn also stimulates brain cells and boosts brain power and memory. However,

The corn is rich in dietary fiber, and the baby is tender and tender, so the corn is suitable for eating after the baby is one year old. Sweet potato is a very common food.

With good hunger, lysine can also promote metabolism and development. Babies can also supplement micronutrients, starch.

And protein, when it adds sweet potatoes. But you can't eat too many sweet potatoes at a time, especially if you don't do well. It's hard to digest, it can.

Causes abdominal distension and discomfort. Asparagus is a kind of vegetable that people often eat in summer. It has cool and cool internal heat, which can relieve the thirst of heat. asparagus

Medium protein, carbohydrate, multivitamins and trace elements are better than normal vegetables. But the vitamin B9 in asparagus is easy to get.

Damage, so it's best to cook in the microwave. In the composition of ARA, cauliflower is a necessary nutrient for children's physical growth, so parents should.

Giving your baby more cooking and eating broccoli will not only improve your baby's resistance, but also protect your baby's eyesight and improve your memory.

Fruit is a safe food for infants. Then we talk about fruit. The vitamin C content of kiwi fruit is unrivaled in many fruits, including several VC's.

The quantity is higher than other fruits, such as oranges, apples or even dozens of times, it also contains a large number of organic matter and various minerals necessary for the growth of infants. However,

There may be allergic reactions in kiwifruit, the kiwi is cold, so the baby shouldn't eat too much, just in moderation. Papaya contains vitamins and.

Amino acids, as well as vitamins and amino acids, are commonly used by women for breast enhancement. Papaya is soft and also suitable for baby food.

Good supplementary material. But it is rich in papaya, which is helpful in breast development, stimulating hormone secretion and ovarian hormones in women, so in order to.

Avoid premature children and eat papaya. The content of vitamin A in mango is also rich, and vitamin C content is not low, especially for lack.

For babies with vitamin A, mango can also be paired with other ingredients to make the baby A staple food. But mango also catches fire easily, so it should.

Enough to stop. Strawberries can promote the formation of human cells and have normal functions to maintain teeth, bones, blood vessels, muscles and to promote wound healing.

Good effect. But strawberries have more calcium oxalate, so babies with kidney problems shouldn't eat or eat too much.

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