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How To Nail A Newborn Baby

Apr 27, 2018

Newborn babies are delicate in any part of the world, and some of them are fine for the baby's nails. But the baby is slightly bigger.

Whiskers, because the baby's arms are powerful enough to touch their own face, and they may injure themselves. Nail your baby's nails as much as possible.

The points:

1. In order to better maintain the safety of the baby, prepare a set of baby manicure products for the baby, mainly including small tongs and round head scissors.

2. Before cutting the nails for the baby, use the nail file to gently smooth the baby's nails into round edges, which will be easy to trim. If you have a good idea, then.

Even better.

3. It's a good time to cut your nails after a shower, when your nails are soft and cut easily. Because the baby's hand is too small, choose bright place to enter.


4. If the baby doesn't cooperate at some time, you can change it for another time or wait for the baby to go to sleep.

The most important thing. Some young parents are excited and should be controlled.

5. The nails should be curved to avoid sharp edges. Feet can be straight, parents should know the details.

6. Although the baby is very rare, it is absolutely necessary. In case of this, it is necessary to clean the wound first and then apply the antibiotic ointment. In general the wound

All are relatively small, do not use bandage dressing, a little care, avoid pathological changes can.