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How To Get The Baby To Get Used To Cutting Nails

Apr 27, 2018

Nail clipping is really a stressful event for your baby, an accident or a sudden baby bump that hurts your baby's nails.

It's terrible, but it's so necessary to get your nails done, and it's so important for your baby's health that your parents have to let it go right now.

Treasure used to clip fingernail, how should do?

0-1: don't make him afraid. The best time to cut your nails is when your baby is asleep or breast-feeding. The sleeping baby is sensitive to the outside world.

The big drop, the mother can be relieved to do the work. If you trim your fingernails while your baby is awake, you can let your father or other person hold the baby.

And get the baby's attention away and you can focus on it. Keep your baby's fingers firmly in place when you're cutting your nails. Don't cut your skin.

A cut too short. If the baby gets hurt by cutting his nails, he will be afraid and resist the clipping.

1-3 years old: let him learn to cooperate. As the baby's ability to understand language grows, it can be inspired to talk about what happens if you don't cut your nails. Long nails

What's the harm? How do you keep your nails from getting dirty? Finally let the baby examine his fingernail, say what should do. It was getting

The baby knows how to work with parents to cut their nails.

3-6 years old: from passive to active. The baby is a little older and can cut his nails while telling a story. There are children in kindergarten.

The concept of time, tell the child to have a fingernail cleaning once a week, raise the child to remind the mother regularly to give oneself the habit of clipping fingernail, can.

Don't underestimate this little reminder, it's a huge shift from passive to active. So be sure to praise the child when he or she offers to remind you.


In this way, the baby has gradually adapted to the process of cutting nails. Gradually, it becomes a good habit in the baby's life, which is small.

The child's hygiene of education is also very helpful.