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Finger Cut, How To Do To Stop The Bleeding

Apr 27, 2018

If you make a small cut, don't feel guilty -- it's normal for most parents. Rinse the wound under cold water.

And then wrap the baby's hand in a paper towel, with a little bit of force. After a few minutes the blood can be stopped.

The view is prohibited to bind the wound with bandage. If he puts his finger in his mouth, he will eventually suffocate.

In addition, it is not recommended to use liquid bandages designed specifically for babies because they are likely to be absorbed by them. If your baby's wound is still not there.

Stop the bleeding. That's the best way to get him to the hospital.

Time to cut your baby's nails.

The baby's nails grow very fast, and if the baby is unintentionally scratching, it will hurt the baby's skin. How big the baby is.

How about a manicure? How often do you cut your baby's nails? Let's see.

The best time to nail your baby's nails is to watch the growth rate of the baby's nails, and it's not usually recommended to cut your nails for a month or less.

After the nail is fully formed. Nail clippings are needed unless the child is scratching around or tearing his nails too long. And 1-3 months of babies.

The hands are very active, often unconsciously with their fingernails on their small face, scratching and scratching is a small scar. Some babies also like to eat their hands.

When the nails grow up, the baby's hands will carry the bacteria into the body. Baby's toenails are too long, often with trousers, socks friction, easy to split.

Crack. So, you should always cut your fingernails and toenails for 1-3 months.

In addition, the baby will have to find the best time to cut her nails so that she won't be affected by the baby's crying. When your baby is 0-1: suggest.

Trim your baby while he is sleeping. Because the sleeping baby is so much less sensitive to the outside world, the mother can be relieved to do the work. when

1-2 years old: it's still a good time to be asleep, but the baby is getting less sleep and mom can try it.

Trim it when you drink milk or play a quiet game. When the baby is 2-3 years old: the baby of this stage can already understand the intention of the adult. Mother might as well

Clearly tell him the purpose of cutting nails and ask him to cooperate and give encouragement and praise after the cut.

Although it is very hard for the baby to cut her nails, it is necessary to avoid cutting the baby or to be strong when the baby is in bad mood.

Cut your nails so that he doesn't feel annoyed or resistant to clipping, and don't cut your baby nails more than three times a week.