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Baby Food Safety

Apr 27, 2018

Food safety is one of the most important issues for Chinese people. Food safety is related to the health of our bodies. Melamine happened a few years ago.

The exposure of the parents worried about their baby's food security. Infants are the key period of growth and development, so food safety.

The whole issue should be taken seriously.

What is baby food safety? The infant is the most vulnerable period of life, physical, resistant and immune to various aspects, such as the mechanism cannot and adult.

Compared to people, the damage will be increased if the food problem is not up to standard, so how to give the baby health and food safety is the most important thing for parents. baby

In 4 months or so, you can eat some supplementary food. At this time, parents should pay attention to the safety of baby food. Dairy products are the most common baby food, father.

When choosing a product, the mother should pay attention to the qualified products, choose some qualified products, experts recommend to purchase well-known brands of dairy products, safety questions.

The questions will be guaranteed. Parents don't want to buy cheap milk powder for their children. It is also necessary to check whether the certificate of dairy products is complete.

To ensure the safety of dairy products. Food should be fresh, fresh food is safe and nutrition is not lost. Food is not fresh or fresh.

Too long can lead to food spoilage, and bad food more bacteria, can develop baby's intestines and stomach soft, if eating bad food can cause diarrhea, and so on.

And so on, so the food is not fresh or the baby will not eat the food and utensils that the baby will eat before giving it to the baby to be cleaned or disinfected. Some fruits and

Vegetables tend to produce pesticide residues, so parents should wash them before giving them to their children. The baby's milk bottle is long filled with water and moist rings.

The environment is conducive to the breeding of bacteria, so the baby's milk bottle is always sterilized with hot water, and can be cleaned before use.

Common sense of baby food safety. Many parents take their children with them, so long as they have a good appetite, what kind of parents do they want to satisfy their children?

It's not the right thing to do. In today's food safety situation, many foods are not suitable for children. Parents should pay attention to food safety.

Children should not be given food. Drink is a beverage that many children drink, but the drink contains a lot of chemicals, which will not produce the children's health.

A good effect. So, when the child wants to drink a beverage, but want to eat too much food, plain boiled water although tasteless, is the best beverage. Except for water

It also provides some minerals and trace elements, as well as other beverages, especially carbonated drinks, to meet the physical needs of a child's hunger.

To replace functionality. Long term transportation ensures that food is not decomposed in the long term, and that fresh food is added with preservatives or preservatives, if possible.

Contaminated food may increase. For this reason, parents are advised to give their children more local food, and do not think imported food is good.

It is reasonable to have children's diet, fruits and vegetables, meat and other ingredients should be, can not often eat the same food, avoid food.

Additive accumulation, but also easy to cause malnutrition or uneven. Although there is an old saying in China called "people eat the sky", but also not blind.

Satisfy the children's appetite, reasonable diet match to meet the child's development needs.