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Why does infant formula ban cow colostrum

Apr 27, 2018

In the previous paragraph, the state administration of food and drug administration made it clear that the use of cattle in the regulation on the registration of infant formula food (draft).

The infant formula for raw milk was not filed, and the policy once again brought the familiar and unfamiliar food to the attention of the people.

. So what's the problem with colostrum? Why does infant formula ban cow colostrum?

Let's start with what the colostrum is. Professor of nutrition and food hygiene department of school of public health of Peking University, deputy manager of Chinese nutrition society.

In an interview with the China women's daily, ma guansheng explained that colostrum refers to the endocrine lactation of female mammals between 2 and 3 days after delivery. At present

Dairy industry generally refers to cow's milk after 7 days of endocrine milk is called cow colostrum, and after 300 days secreted milk is called constant milk. Bovine colostrum

It is yellow with beta carotene, which is sticky and has a peculiar taste and bitter taste. It is not only regular in protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.

The nutrient content is much higher than normal milk, and contains a lot of physiological active ingredients such as immune factors and growth factors, including immunoglobulin and milk.

Iron protein, lysozyme, milk peroxidase, insulin-like growth factor, etc., can effectively improve human immunity.

Since colostrum is high in nutrition and rich in immune factors, why not add it to infant formula? China agricultural university former food college.

In an interview with the xi 'an evening news, the dean and animal product processing professor nan qing xian said that adults have strong resistance and a comprehensive diet.

Eating cow colostrum can boost your immunity. But the diet of children under two years old is mainly milk, especially babies from 0 to 6 months, and the food is very good.

Pure. At present, there is no data and research results to show that the high concentration of acid, nutrients and immunoglobulin balls in colostrum will not be given.

Infants and young children are adversely affected, so they can't risk their children's milk formula.