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Which rice flour is better for the baby

Apr 27, 2018

The rice noodles of different brand, shape also is different, the granule of rice noodles is not the finer the better?

The size of rice flour particles is related to the production process. The processing technology of infant rice noodles can be divided into two kinds: one is wet process drying technology (also known as prepaste.

Process, roller drying, etc., the products are mainly flake rice flour, through the first bubble rice, beating, ingredients, and then roller drying, crushing, making.

The other is puffing and drying method, the product is mainly powdery, using high temperature and high pressure to bake the rice, extruded into powder, and then mixed into the nutrition.

Vegetarian and flavor compounds. In contrast, the first wet drying process of rice flour is less used in the high temperature method, so that the nutrients in rice noodles are preserved.

For the better. Whether the rice flour is good for the grain size is not very important, even the flake rice noodles, because it is more loose structure, it is also very good to adjust.

Add cereal to your baby, choose rice flour, and usually choose rice flour. Among various grains, rice is less sensitive than other types.

It is more suitable for baby's delicate stomach. Oatmeal rice flour belongs to coarse grain, dietary fiber content is high, not good digestion, do not recommend to add in the early stage of the supplement to bao.

Bao eat, can be in the baby 7 8 months slowly try to add.