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Standard for selection of infant supplementary formula rice flour

Apr 27, 2018

As a consumer, regardless of the final choice of imported or domestic rice noodles, pay attention to the following aspects:

Ingredients: in addition to nutrition balance, it is necessary to make functional selection for the baby's needs, and the special formula added in rice noodles should also be in line with the national standard.


Brand credit: the first choice is a large brand with research and development background, especially the long-term sales history at home and abroad, from r&d, production, sales and manufacturing.

Work with the same company to ensure product quality.

The packing marks are clear: the packaging is clearly marked with the ingredients list, nutrient composition, nutritional analysis, manufacturer and place of origin, manufacture date, shelf life,

Eating method, etc.

Professional services: provide after-sales service and professional consultation.

The price is reasonable: the composition of common rice noodles is much the same, so the rice noodles that are sold for special ingredients or functions are especially expensive.

Don't be careful.