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How to add baby's supplementary food

Apr 27, 2018

Five or six months of babies should be added, but many post-80s and post-90s parents don't know how to properly feed their babies. Did they really not know? Network is developed, in fact is not, now believe that the content of the books and the Internet has seen a lot of, but a lot of nutrition books what he said was not very unified, let parents look after should understand it is lost. So this is a little bit about how to add a supplement. I will recommend to your parents the supplementary food suitable for the baby.

A little bit: start with a little extra, try to start with the egg yolks, first with the smallest spoon, whether you like it or not, it's just a spoonful. If there is no food allergy the next day can continue, or just a spoonful, let the baby feel the yolk is what flavor. If there is an allergy to the supplementary food, please stop immediately. If there is no problem, change the other food in the second week.

Step by step: see, after all, is to see a little bit is ok, don't eat a lot of varieties, also don't eat too much at once, otherwise it is easy to cause not the love eat side dish, it caused JiShi not good;

Liquid mud paste: after first began to try to give priority to, liquid food such as all kinds of fresh fruit juice, but it's best for your baby to eat to drink boil rice water class can also, slowly eat the rice paste class, a little bit of increase, if the baby can adapt to elucidation he likes to see the, add other food;

A one-year-old baby can eat some solid solid food. Because the baby wants to grow small fang, so do not give baby too soft food, so tooth development can be bad, even grow deformity tooth. A family that has an oven can make small cookies for your baby to grind your teeth. Don't put baking powder on it. It's just safe food. You can make some small dumplings, make some hand-rolling noodles with a little noodle soup, put some chopped vegetables, no spiny fish, or chop the shrimp into small pieces and cook them together.

More than 1 year old baby can basically replace milk with auxiliary food, but the milk still do not stop, because the baby at this time stomach and adult are not very same cannot eat food completely. You can give your baby rice, which can be a little less, but don't eat it in a healthy way. Be careful not to add additives, the taste of food is good, do not let baby depend on the flavor of additives.

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