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Does rice flour mix contain sugar

Apr 27, 2018

In principle, we recommend that you avoid adding sugar, salt, or other condiments to your baby before the age of 1 to avoid adding these condiments.

And let the baby form taste heavy, the bad eating habit of sugar. Some brands of rice flour, the reason why a small amount of added sugar, is to consider the treasure.

When adding rice flour, it may be rejected because it can't adapt to the taste of rice noodles. Therefore, it is helpful to help treasure with a small amount of sugar in rice flour.

Baobao ADAPTS to the goal of adding supplemental and supplemental nutrients successfully.

Of course, when the mother chooses rice noodles, you can choose not to add sugar first, if the baby can adapt, that is the best, if not adapt, then consider.

Add sugar. But be careful, no matter the baby eats any food, drink some plain boiled water to clean the mouth, maintain oral hygiene.