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Different brands of rice noodles

Apr 27, 2018

Not really. For the first time, the baby should be supplemented with a single supplement so that the baby can build up his or her own taste. Because, at this time, treasure.

Bao just started to add supplementary food. Besides the milk, the baby has not tasted any taste. The taste buds are very sensitive. If you give him mixed food, bao?

It is easy to confuse the taste of various foods, which is not conducive to the establishment of healthy eating habits. A single food can make a baby's taste better.

In addition, the baby is just beginning to add supplementary food, which is likely to be inappropriate for some foods, even food allergies, if it is mixed rice flour, mom.

It's hard to tell what kind of food your baby is allergic to, so when you add a supplement in the first place, add one. Rice noodles first choose pure rice flour, until.

After adjustment, add rice flour containing other ingredients.