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Common problems when adding rice flour

Apr 27, 2018

1. Impact ratio

The proportion of rice flour and water is not exact according to the proportion of milk powder, which is completely based on the monthly age of the baby.

Adaptive ability to adjust. When the baby starts to contact with rice flour, it can be diluted a little bit, and gradually thickened according to the degree of adaptation.

2. What do you use to make rice noodles?

In fact, the baby can follow the children's needs when making rice noodles. Although the rice noodles are written, they can be soaked with milk powder and juice, but it is the best.

Or with about 45 ℃, temperature of water is a let the baby to enjoy the fragrance of the original food; The second is to avoid excessive taste; Three is long

It is easy to overfeed with milk powder. If the baby is not willing to accept rice flour at the beginning, you can temporarily use the milk to make it.

There is an adaptation to the taste.

3. Other matters

Some babies will have a mild diarrhea after eating rice flour containing probiotics, which is normal. If the baby is still unable to adapt after a few days,

Mommy will need to change a kind of rice noodles without probiotics, or mixing the water temperature is a little higher (60 ℃ or so); The rice noodles after the shock will not be served.

After eating, you have to go back and avoid spoilage. In addition, the rice noodle should be kept in a cool and ventilated place whether it is opened or not. It is recommended to be eaten within three months after opening to the end.