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Baby to add rice flour to notice matters

Apr 27, 2018

1. About taste

Some of the rice noodles have been turned on, and some of them have a halla flavor, because the oil in the rice flour has been oxidized, and it is possible that the rice has passed the high temperature and high speed of the machine.

After a fine grinding, the rice oil in the grain is volatilized and oxidized. It may also be that some rice flour is added with DHA and other oils.

2. How to combine and eat?

At the beginning of the baby's supplementary feeding, it is recommended to eat a single formula of rice flour, which can be combined with other foods, such as puree, puree or.

The meat mud. Only one kind of food can be added at a time, so as to make it easier for the baby to find the allergen when allergic reaction occurs. With its

He starts with a small amount of food, starting with a small amount, and then mastering the total amount of food added, such as 6-12 months of baby daily cereal.

20~75 g, 25~ 100g of fruits and vegetables, 25 to 75 grams of meat, 1 egg or egg yolk, added to each meal according to feeding habit.

In the food. Parents should pay attention to how much food they are adding each day, instead of just how much they are trying to achieve, so that they can get richer.

The nutrition.

3. Rice meal time.

The baby formula is mainly used for the infant with the initial stage of supplementary feeding. The small teeth have not yet grown, so they cannot eat rich food, which can be used as a supplementary camp.

One of the best options. Once the baby's little teeth grow out, they can eat the noodles and porridge, and the meat can be eaten daily.

You can gradually reduce the rice flour (about eight or nine months). Stop feeding the rice flour, mother will decide according to the actual situation of the baby. but

Be aware that if you are breastfeeding, suggest eating longer.