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Baby's first mouthful - baby rice noodles

Apr 27, 2018

Choose imported rice flour or homemade rice flour?

A small survey of parents around the world found that most mothers prefer to opt for imported rice flour for their baby's choice of rice flour.

The reason is the distrust of Chinese food safety, and the nutrition and taste of foreign rice noodles will be slightly better. Is that true?

Breast-feeding is advocated abroad, which usually starts in about 6 months or so, and the first bite must be fortified cereal.

). Some mothers worry about whether imported rice noodles are suitable for Chinese babies? In fact, this kind of worry is overcautious, import brand of rice noodles into China.

Before the market, the nutritional structure of the Chinese population will be adjusted in a moderate way, so that it can meet the relevant quality inspection departments in China.

Food quality requirements, therefore, Chinese babies can eat imported rice noodles, and, rice flour is not as important as milk powder, the main camp.

The period of adding rice noodles is only a transitional stage. The main purpose is to strengthen the intake of iron and to make the digestive tract of the baby begin to adapt to the milk.


Of course, we do not only promote the import of rice flour, whether domestic or imported, as long as it is a regular brand, children love to eat, like to eat, and do not reject.


The formula rice powder mainly provides the baby with fortified nutrients such as carbohydrate and iron and zinc to meet the growth and development needs of the baby. At home

Formula rice flour is also the foreign formula rice flour, there is little difference in the basic nutrition composition, and the main difference in the formula is: whether to add sugar, vegetables.

Vegetables, fruits, meat, probiotics, probiotics, DHA, milk powder, etc., and the amount and proportion of these ingredients also determine the final mouth of the formula.

Tastes different. Each baby's preferences are different, and even the tastes of different periods can change, so there is no good or bad in taste.

Love does not like to eat the difference, this aspect needs the parents to try slowly.